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Bizi loans organise loans for; trucks, buses, trailers, forklifts, plant & factory fit outs, most types of machinery and tractors. We are very aware of the high demands of business and the many factors to consider when looking to fund your new truck or equipment purchase.

Regardless of whether you are a sole trader, partnership, or Pty Ltd company, Bizi Loans has full doc, low doc and no doc solutions with fantastic interest rate deals to appease every business.

We understand your time is money and we work together with you to put to together the best possible truck or equipment loan package in the quickest possible time so that the truck or equipment is in use and making you money as soon as possible.

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  • Bizi Loans provides easy, quick and efficient loans Australia wide.
  • We guarantee to give you the most competitive interest rate packages in the market.
  • Experienced consultants help find the right loan package to suit your business
  • Flexible loan terms to suit cash flow
  • Tax effective loan options
  • No need for GST registration
  • Loans for sole traders, partnerships or companies

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