Whether you’re looking at purchasing your first car, upgrading from your old one, or expanding the fleet, the first step when checking out your options is to narrow down your budget and requirements- which usually leads us to deciding between a brand new model, or a used vehicle. Each can offer something quite different, so it’s very important to take some more time to be aware of your requirements. Once you’ve done this, look through our list of questions that you should be asking, to make sure you’re always getting the best deal and riding off in style!

Brand New Car:

-What comes as standard?
Find out exactly what you’re getting out of your purchase
-What are the on-road costs?
Some cars may have extra costs tucked away in the fine print which you might not find until its too late, so always check on any hidden on-road costs before purchasing
-How long is the warranty?
Car warranties can be based on kilometres, or a time frame, and its handy to know what kind of warranty is available to you and would suit you best.
-Can I trade in my existing car?
Unless and until it’s your first car, or you’re holding on to your oldie, this could be a quick and easy way to take some of the price off your new wheels!
-Is the price negotiable?
The caryard wants you to pay top dollar, but the salesman wants to secure the transaction. Meet in the middle, and see what magic the salesman can work when you ask for a negotiated price- it may surprise you!

Used Car:

-Why are you selling?
This question is crucial, as reasons could vary from ‘buying a new car’ to ‘the brakes don’t work’, so this is definitely a starting point
-How many owners have had this car? How long have you had it?
Use this information to gauge how the car has been treated; has it been maintained, or passed around and run down?
-Do you have a service history, and receipts for any work done?
When buying second hand cars, any documentation of modifications or services is important, to prove legality and safety of your new car
-How many kilometres has it done?
Sure, the car body might look okay, but if it’s been around Australia six or seven times already, it might not make another lap!
-What’s it used for, and how frequently?
Was this a town car, for getting to work Monday to Friday? Did you drive from Darwin to Sydney and back? A paddock basher?
-Has it ever been in an accident, or does it have any debt on it?
These questions should never be overlooked, as the answers will have a direct influence on the desirability of the car.
-Would you object to an inspection?
If the car seller answers ‘Yes’ to this question, you should be prepared for a car that would not be deemed legal, or road worthy.
-Is the price negotiable?
When people are selling cars, they will often mark the price up in order to prepare for counter offers. You should always try and drive the price down to something you feel is reasonable- odds are, the seller is expecting it anyway.

Once you’ve put the car seller through the wringer, and found out all the vital information to make your decision, give Biziloans a call! We specialise in car finance, and can help you get the wheels spinning in no time with our lightening quick approval times and our easy, straightforward loan application process.