Anyone with a motorcycle knows just how fun much they are, but if you’ve recently financed a motorcycle with us at Biziloans, then read through our list of basic motorcycle maintenance tips below. It could save you a lot of time and money in the future!


Keep a low pressure tyre gauge with you at all times, and try to check your tyre pressure every time you fill up for gas. A poorly inflated tyre can generate a lot heat, which can mean serious trouble, such as a blow-out. If your tyre tread depth is 1-2mm, its time to replace them. Tyre damage is the most common motorcycle breakdown, so take care of your tyres to avoid serious trouble!


Chains and Sprockets

Lube your chain after each ride, as the oil soaks in easily to the harder to reach spots while the chain is warm. Spray both left and right sides of the chain, and its best to position some newspaper, so that you don’t dirty your rear wheel rim or get drips on the floor. After five or ten minutes, wipe the excess oil off the chain. This is a good time to check the tautness of your chain too. It must be able to sag between ¾” and 1 ¼” at the midpoint between the two sprockets.


Shaft and Belt Drives

These require little maintenance, but we still recommend replacing the shaft drive oil and n checking the belt tension every time you check the oil in your motorcycle. Adjust the belt If necessary and make sure its clean, to ensure a longevity.



Check your oil level before you go riding, while the oil is cold, and make sure it is always to the ‘high’ or ‘max’ level- although check this while the bike is level, as a too much oil may flood your air cleaner! High temperatures, speed, dust and dirt can all destroy the quality of your oil, so be aware of the condition your oil is in, and change it roughly every 3-6 months.

Take care of your new vehicle using these tips, and it will take care of you too. Or, if you’re looking into purchasing a motorcycle, call us at Biziloans to see how we can help you on your way.