At Biziloans, we know that the great Aussie summer just wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for our love of the great outdoors- the long afternoons, the beach barbeques and picnics, the icy cold afternoon beverages. Close your eyes and you can almost hear the waves crashing and sausages sizzling! If you’re someone who loves getting out in nature with your swag, but are thinking about upgrading to something a little more robust, take some time to look over our top tips for purchasing a caravan. We’re here to get you on track for your next big getaway, so you can sit back and crack open a cold one. It’s on us.

Moving Around:

First things first- check your vehicle for any restrictions it may impede. Know the tow capacity of your vehicle, as this will affect the weight of caravan you can carry.

Where’s The Road Taking You?

You can’t wait to do a couple weeks around Margaret River, but what about after that? Will it be used for weekend getaways? Piling in the kids for family holidays? Months or years of exploring Australia from top to bottom? Or is it your new home? All of this will need to be considered when you look at caravans, so you can make sure the layout, size, and amenities will suffice, and that the caravan will be able to withstand any off-roading or extensive trailblazing!

New or Used?

Common sense can tell you that new caravans will offer you all the safety and luxury benefits which modern camping can offer, such as lightweight design, independent rear suspension, and comfortable interiors. If you do decide to buy a used caravan, shop smart and always buy from a licensed dealer. There’s nothing worse than your home away from home falling to pieces on a desert highway! Licensed dealers do many thorough checks to make sure that you don’t inherit a caravan hidden damages or dodgy pasts- getting pulled over for the previous owners outstanding fines is not much fun.

Camper Trailers and Pop-tops

The market is growing for outback summers, and camper trailers and pop-tops are on the rise. The ‘pop-top’ caravan is great for if your caravan will be stored in a garage or carport, as the collapsible sides takes out the need for high rooflines! Camper trailers are a family favourite, with wind up canvas uppers and extendable sides for sleeping accommodation.This also makes these options more economical, as they’re less wind resistant when towing.

The Bottom Line:

Buying caravans can be daunting, and new buyers can surprised by what they consider to be the high prices of todays caravans, but the prices have always reflected economy, and the vast improvements in comfort and design. The exceptional standard of materials and manufacture is easily represented by the dollar value, and the caravan industry is competitive enough for shopping around to be worthwhile! So once you’ve all your checklists for what you want out of your caravan, take the time to get understand the market then give us a call. We offer campervan and caravan finance, and we can pre-approve loans as well as same day approval, so you’ll be driving off into the sunset in no time!