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You want to know who you’re working with. To prove we’re a delightful bunch, here’s a snapshot of our individual talents and expertise.

Ben Needle


Melissa Hanson


Expertise/favourite part of the job:
Building relationships with clients and getting to know them and their needs to help them secure the best deal for them and their goals. Everyone’s situation is different, and being able to help clients who may have defaults or are credit impaired is a great feeling.

What got you into finance?
I started my finance career 10 years ago, working for a leasing company that not only offered novated leases, but helped clients obtain finance if they had been knocked back in the past from mainstream lenders. My role in helping people who desperately needed a car, but were running out of options, was fulfilling.
I went on to study and received a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Brokering. Since then, I’ve been working as an asset broker, helping clients from all walks of life secure the best products for them and their circumstances.

Fun fact about Melissa:
Why just one? My dream home would be on a hill, overlooking the beach with a closet bigger than my bedroom! If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is buy myself an Audi RS3 and then make sure my friends and family were debt-free.
My favourite comfort food is a bag of Eta Cheese and Onion Munchos. My favourite movie of all time is Disney’s The Aristo Cats, and my biggest attribute is always seeing the best in people.

Julie Chick


Expertise/favourite part of the job:
Administration, good office vibe, and the radio to sing to.

What got you into finance?
I have always done administration now have done my Certificate IV in Asset and Mortgage Broking to better my knowledge of the industry and possibly progress further

Fun fact about Julie:
I’m a very social person. I love meeting people so much. Everyone who knows me calls me ‘Jules, the little social butterfly’.



Expertise/favourite part of the job:
I have always been in a Customer Service/Sales role where I build strong rapport with my clients and really find out what they are looking for and how I can help. Finding solutions to my client’s needs is my favourite part of the job and being able to see them drive off into the vehicle they were dreaming of, or a Personal Loan they have been wanting to use on renovations on their homes, or a business loan to help start up their own Commercial Gym is a really exciting part of the job.

What got you into finance?
I worked for a Leasing company many years ago and learnt a lot about finance there however the company branched out to Consumer Finance in which I learnt a whole new level of finance and getting to know my customers more. It allowed me to ask better questions and provide a wider variety of products to suit many different customer needs depending on their financial situation. Some clients had recent defaults, had unfavourable past credit history but we were able to assist those clients which I thought was rewarding. I am also currently studying my Diploma of Commercial Asset Finance which I am super excited to finish.

Fun Fact about Anna:
I have a big interest in science, predominantly Astronomy and the Cosmos. The Universe has always been a curiosity of mine. I have a Golden Retriever that I spoil way too much but we come as a package deal.

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